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How hard they try grades adolescent friends with high

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Unformatted text preview: eses would you propose to explain why boys generally do worse than girls academically, from grade school through adolescence? • How hard they try • Grades • Adolescent friends with high achievement and aspirations support and encourage each other in school race to nowhere Gender Differences boys and girls socialized d ifferently -girls, emote, ask for help -"boys are most likely to g et help" -how they seek out help -boys havent socialized to ask for help, etc. see a difference in gender and work. a lot of pressure on k ids to go to college challenging, competition, etc. How d oes this affect o verall being of adolescent because of all this pressure at t his age -stress is connected to s chool pressure, home p ressure, etc. developing a well rounded person -school system g overnment, test t aking not encouraging creativity - not about t aking test, its about t hinking -suicide, pressure, " all-nighters" d evelop eating d isorders, depression etc. • Do you think gender stereotypes or roles come into play? Adolescents with Disabilities • Disabilities related to school difficulties include speech handicaps, mental retardation, emotional disorders, and learning disabilities • About 5% of adolescents in American schools have been diagnosed with learning disability – Reading is the most common source of difficulty – Boys are twice as likely to have a learning disability how are they educating EVERYONE? 10% have a type of d isability...
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