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Upper college preparatory level 2 general for average

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Unformatted text preview: 5% have learning d isability disability+social skills = more problems can be bored Adolescents with Disabilities: The Tracking Strategy Tracking (Stratified levels) 1. Upper – college preparatory level 2. General – for average students 3. Remedial/Special Education – for students academically behind their peers • Some schools have a vocational track for technical or trade preparation • Students across tracks usually take some classes together (e.g., music, physical education) Discussion Stop • Discuss the possible benefits and problems associated with tracking. • In your opinion, is there a viable alternative to tracking? professor winn dont act out, being b elieved in, seen as equal, kids at higher l evel are mentoring o thers, beneficial o rganization and s ocialization vocational rare in US Ethnic Differences in High School Dropout Rates decline in students d ropping out - positive -also including just i mmigrated -3x more likely to drop o ut if immigrated -stress level, financial, d isability, home o pinion about school v s. work, behavioral p roblems, mental p roblems, drugs and alchohol gender difference males more likely to d rop out then females...
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