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More v ocationalhigh schools are college prep more

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Unformatted text preview: "trade school...more v ocational...high schools are college prep" "more daily skills" Diversity of American Education differences across states basic standard d ifferent goals debate around this is s uccessful No child left b ehind - • Local and state level legislation and funding !"#$%&'(')'$%*'+'(%, &-.+/010(2340%5361%"71--8% • Results in diversity in curriculum, rules and requirements, and resource disparity 9:/-+0'(%&-:(;/302< => &-88060%?/0+'/';-/@ A> B-7'C-('8%"71--8 D> ?/-E0223-('8%"71--8 • 1994 – “Goals 2000” established by federal government toward national educational policy • 2001 – “No Child Left Behind Act” provided federal funding for national testing, teacher training standards, and evaluation • Today, only 5% of school funding is provided by the federal government Waiting for Superman Secondary Education in Industrialized Countries no child left behind - not s uccessful -clip explains why -who's setting the s tandards for p roficiency? -politics involved where t he standards should be -2014 - expecting 100% p roficiency -realistic goals - where s hould we expect? -each state has its own l evels -english as a second l anguage, disabilities? -need more improvement and awareness - there are k ids who have the drive b ut wont make it in due t o different expectations and blindness to social s tatus, ethnic b ackground, etc. What ar...
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