Aggression eg physical or verbal 2 repetition eg

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Unformatted text preview: lm “Bully” how did the family system, school system, and social system (community) perpetuate or resolve the problems related to bullying? • How should bullying be addressed in schools? physically hurt vs. verbally hurt no accountability, cyber bullying, Bullying 1. Aggression (e.g., physical or verbal) 2. Repetition (e.g., patterns over time) 3. Power imbalance (e.g., the bully has higher peer status than the victim) • Negative impact of bullying on the bullies and the bullied • A new variation of bullying is cyberbullying putting on boy "you n eed to get friends" "you s houldnt let people treat y ou that way" nothing is really being d one until it gets drastic police officers - all caucasian - could have b een a different response i f she wasnt black should be looking out for children's safety, why arent they responding? passive parents (student i s really frustrated) bus d rivers, writing up kids, calling parents, while d riving options are l imited, after something s hould be done. b ullies were being encouraged getting support (power imbalance) -kids were checked out, t rauma, anxiety, d epression, sleep p roblems, sense of h elplessness, h eadaches, physical p roblems, or turn into b ullies themselves, 1/4 bullies are also v ictims of bullies t hemselves 11-15 victims of b ullies boys bully and victim • • Are we too quick to cry “Bullying”? • "It's this unrelenting cruelty and the callous nature of such an environment that is watered down when we include every social slight or quarrel under the bullying rubric." (Englander, 2013) • Does it really matter what words we use if someone is getting hurt? Is bullying incorrectly used to describe “teasing” or “fighting”? October is National Bullying Prevention Month bullying/nbpm/ becareful of overuse of " bullying" can be watered out bullying incorrectly u sed as teasing or fighting remember has t o be repetitve "kids will be kids"...
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