Should i ask jimi to go out with me instrumental

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Unformatted text preview: Informational Support “What should I do? Should I ask Jimi to go out with me?” • Instrumental Support “Thanks for helping me with my math homework” • Companionship Support “Let’s go to the game together – that way we can sit together. I don’t know anyone at Riverdale High.” • Esteem Support “Don’t worry about it, you’re the best guitar player here. You’ll win the songwriting contest next time.” family, discovering who t hey are, see similarities with people who have t he same ethnic, small school, seek u nderstanding, " mexican moms" relating to similar p arenting styles, -working with realtor certain areas that were p redominantly a certain ethnicity. different kinds of s upport and nurturing informational - advice, g uidance, client texting friend conversations with crush "what should i s ay?" -BE sisters - after chores y ou can go out - sister i nvited friends and h elped her do her chores. -companionship emotional challenges, h aving someone around, s omeone who will pick y ou in a team in pe class. -esteem - praise, encourage, support with g oals and dream, will Clarifying the Difference • Cliques – Small groups of friends who know each other well, do things together, and form a regular social group clique (2-3) people - can have a negative connotation - very exclusive no one else can come in crowds(12or more)l arger reputation not n ecessarily all friends, b ut have similarities t hat will group them t ogether -people know they b elong together • Crowds – Larger, reputation-based groups of adolescents who are not necessarily friends and do not necessarily spend time together Using Sarcasm & Ridicule in Crowds & Cliques • Promotes dominance hierarchy • Reduces non-conformity and increases group cohesion • Directed at outsiders, clarifies group boundaries • Eases anxiety by directing attention to others • In other cultures, directed at adults, reinforces community standards adolescent...
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