What were some of the crowds are they stereotypes

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Unformatted text preview: can tease adults Africa, if adult is not acceptable role, cheating, etc. Remembering Crowds in Your School Think of your high school days. What were some of the crowds? Are they stereotypes? baseball, jocks, football, popular, band, art geeks, ASB, over achievers, theatre kids, h ipsters, dancers, n erds, stoners, goth, metalheads, nobodies Relational Aggression • Non-physical forms of aggression: – Gossiping – Spreading rumors – Snubbing – Excluding • Covert, indirect form of aggression common amongst girls cross-culturally identity formations, friendship, similarities, group gets formed, outsiders l ooking in start a name, i n group there can be a l eader - heirarchy -ASB p resident, vice p resident, sports - Captain overachiever - person with highest grade or who organizes everything, -system with being part o f a group -within a group - can be t easing - not bullying, way of lowering anxiety, - drive to want b e part of a group establishing this is what you have to do to b e part of group, can come thru sarcasm, s ending boundaries us v s. them. relational aggression 2 friends or 2 peers -can do face to face or o nline -can be covert - might b e subtle - online more cross culturally, may not realize they h ave been targeted -no longer inviting t hem to things can lead to depression, l ow self esteem, drugs, Changes in Crowd Structure During Adolescence 2 5 8+ !"#$%&'%(')%*'+,-% #.')$%$"-/-%/$0),$)0-/% 1*$'%$"-%"12"-0%20#&-/3% Popularity in Adolescence: Sociometry ! "#$%#&'()*+,-,)'.'-)$/,&'(/#0,%1,2/%$/,.(30'1(.,)-(',(/', .#$%-4,.(-(3.,#5,#(/'),.(30'1(. ! "#$%-4,"6%44.+,.6%44.,5#),.3$$'..5344*,/-104%17,.#$%-4,)'4-8#1.,-10, 7'917,-4#17,2'44,2%(/,#(/'). ! :1;#;34-)%(*+,<2#,<*;'. => ?'@'$('0, A> B'74'$('0 ! C77)'..%#1,%.,BD<,-42-*.,-..#$%-('0,2%(/,31;#;34-)%(* E F#1()#G').%-4,.(30'1(.H,/%7/,%1,-77)'..%G'1'..H,&-*,I', .()#174*,4%6'0,CBJ,.()#174*,0%.4%6'0,I*,0%K')'1(,;'#;4' rejected - more aggressive n...
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