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Jocks and druggies 2 5 jocks and d ruggies actually t

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Unformatted text preview: eglected - not noticed, avoid group activities increase in relational aggression -division in groups -(10-12) middle s chool - cool kids/ n ot cool kids more split off, s pending more time with those close to t hem. jocks and druggies 2 5% jocks and d ruggies actually t hought t 85% disagreed with h ow other people saw t hem 15% agreed can be treated d ifferently because of l abel, or group measuring p opularity - can rate s ocial status of o thers or can rate t hemselves -unpopular - lack s ocial skills rejected because of b ehavior, aggressive, acting o ut in class, d isrupted -actively disliked by p eers neglected - no enemies but no friends, no bodies, n ot noticed, more s ocially withdrawn and avoid group activity lacking social skills, d ont know how to be i n group settings, can have anxiety. Interventions for Unpopularity Adolescent Intervention Focus Neglected learning the social skills needed for making friends Rejected how can we help? potential targets for b ullying. setting goals, more s olution focused, help them think about t he bigger picture, categorize, having t hat label learning how to control and manage anger and aggressiveness assistant principal "tell me how to fix this?" "how does this make you feel?" "i feel like i belong somewhere else" gets hit, and abused, kelby lesbian-bullied, not accepted, i love basketball but they dont want Bully Clip t o touch me because im a girl, wanted to play but couldnt because l esbian, cutting, suicide, family avoids them, j ameya jackson - juvi - i got tired of them picking on me " i didnt want t o hurt them just wanted to scare them" took mom's gun, "nothing was justified for bringing a gun, idc about bullying if she wasnt being beat, not justifiable" bus ride child is bullied than commits suicide school board - "theres nothing we can do" individual with own i dentity and self esteem -family system how do t hey address it? school system? Discussion • In the ...
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