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Unformatted text preview: ir coin assumptions what is the (theoretical) probability that only 1 Head is observed in 6 tosses? 0.0938. Empirically compute the odds (chances) of observing one Head in 6 fair‐coin‐tosses (run 100 experiments and record the number of them that contain exactly 1 Head). Answer varies. Empirically estimate the Bias of the coin we have tested. Experiment with tossing 30 coins at a time. You should change the p‐value=P(Head), run experiments and pick a value on the X‐axis that the empirical distribution (red‐histogram) peaks at. Perhaps you want this peak X value to 2 be close to the observed 1‐out‐of‐6 Head‐count for the original test of the coin. Include some graph snapshots and some brief discussion regarding your experiments and findings. Bias = | Expected value ...
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