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Unformatted text preview: Observed mean | For a fair coin, the expected value (number of heads expected in 30 trials) is 15 (30x0.5). If you run the experiment with (p=1/6), then the expectation of a Head in one trial is around 0.15 and the expected number of heads would be about 4 (30x0.15). Thus, Bias = |E – O|=|15 – 4| ≈ 11. Problem 5 Suppose N=100, n=5, R=30 and you run 1,000 experiments. What proportion of the 1,000 samples had zero or one red balls in them? Record this value. Answer varies. 3 Now run the Binomial Coin Experiment with n=5 and p= 0.3. Run the Binomial experiment 1,000 times? What is the proportion of observatio...
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