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Unformatted text preview: 8.5 = 401 c. What is the variance of the price 25X − 8.5 paid by the next customer? Interpret this value! V(25X − 8.5) = 252 × 3.9936 = 2496 d. Suppose that although the rated capacity of a freezer is X, the actual capacity is h(X) = X − 0.01X2, slightly under the advertised space. What is the expected actual capacity of the freezer purchased by the next customer? E(X − 0.01X2) = 16.38 – 0.01 × 272.298 = 13.657 Problem 3 • How different are the population (theoretical) and the sample (observed) mean and standard deviation? Answer varies. 1 • How many runs...
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