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Unformatted text preview: SP = 125 mmHg and DP = 65 mmHg. PP = SP – DP, so the pulse pressure = 125- 65 = 60 mm Hg. MAP = DP + (1/3) PP, so MAP = 85 mm Hg. B. If this woman has a left ventricular end- diastolic volume of 103 mL and an ejection fraction of 60%, what is her cardiac output? (10) Solution: We are given that LVEDV = 103 mL and EF = 60%. , so SV = 61.8 mL. CO = SV * HR = = 4449.6 mL/min, or ~ 4.45 L/min. C. Sketch a representative pressure- volume loop for this patient’s left ventricle (don’t worry about the actual numbers). Superimposed on this PV loop, draw a new PV loop as a dashed line showing how the PV loop would eventually change if the patient took a positive inotropic agent (e.g. digitalis). Be especially clear what happens to the...
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