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Substitute using using resistances in terms of r1

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Unformatted text preview: height, width, and position of the PV loop, and if one or more of these quantities change, explain why in a few words. (10) Solution: The figure above is Figure 4- 24 from the textbook. The main change resulting from a positive inotropic agent is increased contractility (defined on page 139 of the textbook), which shifts the PV loop as shown in panel C. The position of the LVEDV remains the same, but the height and width of the loop increase. The height increases because during the ejection during systole, the ventricle is able to reach a higher pressure (because increased contractility means that the myocardial muscle cells are able to develop more force). The ventricle is also able to squeeze harder, resulting in a lower End Systolic Volume, which means the loop is wider. Overall, the new PV loop shows an increase in stroke volume (and CO), which translates to an increase in...
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