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Midterm Solutions 5

The signal would go through the brainstem leading to

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Unformatted text preview: rate of fluid across the capillary wall is 2.5 ml/min, what is the hydraulic conductance (in ml/min- mmHg)? (10) Solution: Using Starling’s Equation, , we can plug in the flowrate and the various pressures to get: . Note that Kf is positive because it doesn’t make sense to have a negative conductance. The question doesn’t give a direction for the flow term, but it must be negative because a) the pressure term is negative and Kf can’t be, and more importantly, b) if you look at the pressures, the hydrostatic pressure is higher in the interstitial space, which would tend to push flow from the interstitial space into the capillary (negative flowrate). The capillary oncotic pressure is also higher, which tends to pull flow in, so just by l...
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