chapter5Outline - Using System Software The OS Utility...

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CHAPTER 5: BIOS boot process cluster command-line interface defrag device driver disk cleanup error-checking FAT GUI joule rating kernel let-through rating Linux Mac OS menu-driven interface MS Windows msconfig open-source operating system POST power spikes/surges preemptive multitasking registry restore point safe mode scan disk sector surge protector system software UNIX UPS device user interface utility programs CHAPTER 7: backdoor program black-hat hackers bot nets (or bots) denial-of-service attack (DoS) DDoS firewall hacker logical port logic bombs phone phreaking packet filtering packet sniffer script kiddies time bombs trophy hacking Trojan Horse virus white-hat hackers worm zombies
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Chapter 5:
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Unformatted text preview: Using System Software: The OS, Utility Programs, & File Management Chapter 7: Networking & Secutiry: Connecting Computers & Keeping Them Safe from Hackers & Viruses TA – chapter 5: pages 204, 207-218, 227-235; chapter 7: pages 321- 337 GF – pages 282-288 M/T 11-12/13 starting chapter 5 – Systems Software • Operating Systems • Utilities W/Th 11-14/15 No class M/T 11-19/20- - NO CLASS W/Th 11-21/22 Thanksgiving Break M/T 11-26/27 finish chapter 5 start chapter 7 – Networking & Security • Hackers & Malware • firewalls, anti-virus software W/Th 11-28/29 - - NO CLASS M/T 12-3/4 Test 3 W/Th 12-5/6 Review for final exam...
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chapter5Outline - Using System Software The OS Utility...

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