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Operating systems – Control how the computer functions including hardware, peripherals, and software MacOS, Unix, Linux, DOS, Windows XP Kernel (supervisor program) – essential component of the OS, responsible for managing the processor and all other components of the computer system. Because it stays in random access memory (RAM) the entire time your computer is powered on called memory resident. device driver - software that facilitates the communication between a device ant the OS POST (power-on self-test) first job BIOS performs, ensuring essential peripheral devices are attached and operational. This process consists of a test on the video card and video memory, a BIOS id process (during which the BIOS version, manufacturer, and data are displayed on the monitor), and a memory test to ensure memory chips are working properly BIOS – program that manages the data between the OS and all the input and output devises attached to the computer system. BIOS is responsible for loading the OS from its permanent location on the hard
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