Fob destination title of goods and risk of ownership

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Unformatted text preview: the revenue! • FOB Destination: Title of goods and risk of ownership transfers to the customer once the goods are delivered to the customer. (Seller normally has paid for shipping, and risk of ownership stays with the Seller until the customer takes receipt of the goods). Revenues or Sales: Inflows or increases in assets of a company during a certain period from rendering services (a service firm), selling a product (a merchandiser) or producing and selling a product (a manufacturer), or any other activities that are part of the company's central and ongoing operations. Net Sales: Amount of sales recorded AFTER credit card discounts, sales discounts, and sales returns and allowances. (All of which are contra revenue accounts) • Credit Card Discounts: Amount charged by a credit card company for allowing business to accept credit cards for payment of merchandise. Usually a percentage of the sale price. a Example: The Company sells merchandise to a customer for $1,000, and allows the customer to pay us...
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