Econ 515 Topics-03-08

Econ 515 Topics-03-08 - Mercantilism and government...

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Economics 515 Topic List by Class Class Topics 1. Overview of course Measuring the standard of living 2. The wealth and poverty of nations: the late 20 th century a. The human development index b. Patterns and possible mechanisms 3. Ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean a. Egypt to Rome b. The Pirenne thesis 4. The revival of commerce in Western Europe a. Agents of change b. Medieval trade fairs c. Towns and the revival of urban life 5. Agriculture during the Middle Ages a. The open field system b. Hypotheses for scattering of plots 6. Non-European economies before the 16 th century a. Ottoman empire b. Africa 7. European colonization a. Exploration and trade b. The price revolution 8. Methods of manufacturing a. Artisian shops and guilds b. Cottage industry 9.
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Unformatted text preview: Mercantilism and government policies 10. Midterm 11. The Industrial Revolution in England a. Description b. Possible causes (over) 12. Technological change during industrialization 13. Consequences of industrialization a. The standard of living b. The Corn Laws 14. The Wealth and Poverty of Continents and Nations over the Past Two Millennia 15. The rise of the world economy a. Measuring globalization b. Growing economic integration in the Atlantic economy c. Backlash against globalization Country Studies 16. Other early industrializers France and Germany 17. Diffusion of industrialization in the early twentieth century Japan vs. Argentina 18. Taiwan and the Asian Tigers 19. China...
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Econ 515 Topics-03-08 - Mercantilism and government...

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