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Executive Summary This recommendation report is designed to identify criteria used to analyze the car manufacturer Toyotas’ current marketing strategy with the Scion model. There are strengths and weaknesses associated with the current method of marketing being used to promote this model, primarily advertising directed at a youthful audience. The following criteria will be used in this report to determine what Toyota is doing correctly with this strategy and any helpful recommendations to improve this approach. Criteria used to analyze youth marketing of the Scion: Is this approach of youth marketing reaching the maximum percentage of the target market as possible? Does this approach utilize minimum capital while generating maximum exposure to consumers? Does this method effectively appeal and relate to the current youth while creating
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Unformatted text preview: a desire for the product? • Are there real life examples of success related to the recommendations presented in this report? Solutions and Recommendations • Hire a youthful but experienced marketing staff that can associate with the current youth in order to effectively appeal to them. • Create or improve upon current web advertising while using a unique “underground” approach. • Find new, low cost methods of marketing this product to the youth. Bring the Scion to the youth and let them experience it first hand rather than the status quo of magazine and television commercials. • Market the unique aspects of the product and convey to the youth why they need or should have these features. • Utilize new methods of marketing such as text message marketing or sponsorship events. I...
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