P-51 Mustang Aerodynamics

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Unformatted text preview: d: 487 mph at 25,000 ft Range: 1,160 mi with external tanks Service ceiling: 41,600 ft Rate of climb: 3,300 ft/min Wing loading: 40.4 lb/ft² Power/mass: 0.23 hp/lb Air Race Crash Air Race Crash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =HB2cBuV1YGE&feature=related Piloted by: Jimmy Leeward 74 years old Friday’s race, killing 10 people and injuring 70 others as it disintegrated into a cloud of dust and debris Galloping Ghost Galloping Ghost Missing Pilot? Missing Pilot? suggest the pilot in the crash may have become dislodged in the cockpit as a result of a broken seat. Trim tab was missing/ pitched up violently/ high G­force affected pilot "flutter," an aerodynamic phenomenon that can, once it starts, damage a control surface quite suddenly The "trim tab" is a piece of metal on the end of the tail that controls the plane's pitch and keeps it flying level Missing Pilot cont… Missing Pilot cont… If you continue to pull high Gs, the G force will push the blood in your body towards your feet and resist your heart's attempts to pump it back up to your brain. You will begin to get tunnel vision, then things will lose color and turn white, and finally everything will go black. G forces are the forces of acceleration that pull on you when you change your plane of motion. They are the forces that pilots encounter when engaged in high­speed combat fighting Questions?? Questions??...
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