Computer Crime

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Unformatted text preview: ns) that tell the computer what to do Data ­ individual facts like first name, price, quantity ordered Information ­ data which has been put into a useful form, like a complete mailing address How Computers Work How Computers Work A computer is a complicated system of switches A computer only sees the world in 1’s and 0’s Internet Internet The Internet is a conglomeration of Computer Networks INTERconnected NETwork Each device on the Internet has a (relatively) unique IP Address To be part of the Internet you need an IP Address Looks like this A group of 4 8­bit numbers Overview of Internet Overview of Internet Concepts “Internet” is defined by its protocols – hence the abbreviation IP for Internet Protocol These protocols are rules of computer language and behavior that allow any two+ computers connected to the Internet ( called ‘hosts’ ) to communicate with each other The Internet Protocol lays out a mechanism for addressing devices on a network Hence IP Address! IP Addresses IP Addresses Example Each of the four sets of numbers needs to be 0­255 To have a presence on the Internet,...
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