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Unformatted text preview: Crime Definitions Computer Crime Definitions Yar – There is a lack of a consistent current definition of computer crime. ‘Computer assisted crimes’: Crimes that predate the internet but take on new life in cyberspace. ‘Computer focused crimes’: Crimes that could not exist without the internet. Britz – Historically, any criminal act committed via computer. “Computer­related crime”: any criminal act in which a computer is involved, usually peripherally. “Cyber crime”: abuses and misuses of computer systems which result in direct and/or concomitant losses. Computer Crime Definitions Computer Crime Definitions Thomas and Loader – computer­mediated activities which are illegal or considered illicit and can be conducted through global electronic networks. Broad, but provide specific examples O’Shea – No solid definition “Crime with a cyber component” Focuses on the crime primarily and the cyber component second Computer Crime Definition Computer Crime Definition Why is the term computer crime problematic? The term “Computer crime” has different connotations depending on: The situation The person Thei...
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  • Fall '08
  • Separation of Powers, United States Department of Homeland Security, United States Department of Defense, Dept of Treasury, Dept of Defense

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