Computer Crime


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Unformatted text preview: rtation Dept of Veteran Affr. DHS Dept of Justice Other non-dept agencies Constitution Judicial Executive Dept of Defense Legislative Dept of Treasury NSA, DARPA IRS Agents DISA, DIA, NGIA FinCEN DHS Dept of Justice US Secret Service FBI ICE US Attorney / CCIPS US Postal Service / PIS NASA OIG Agencies Agencies USSS – Now under DHS – was under Treasury Counterfeiting, financial crimes Protection details, Investigates Financial Institution Fraud DOJ / CCIPS – Attorneys that focus on Computer Crime issues Prosecutorial and training function FBI – Investigates criminal acts that involve computers Usually an interstate nexus Also looks after protecting the infrastructure Agencies Agencies NSA – No Such Agency Grew out of communications monitoring and code breaking in WWII. Secretive agency Very active in terrorism investigations – bad sharer of information Rumored to have **significant** computing power FTC – Federal Trade Commission Focuses on protection of consumer markets Attempts to oversee deceptive marketing and business practices Very active in ID Theft awareness Agencies Agencies US Postal Inspection Service – Any crime facilitated by the mail is a felony – investigated by the US PIS Very active in Child Po...
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