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Onlinesolicitation computerinvolvement

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Unformatted text preview: mputer Involvement Computer Involvement Computer as an instrument of the crime Computer used to gain some other criminal objective Thefts Theft of service Frauds / auction fraud Nigerian email scams Top 10 Internet/Email Scams Computer Involvement Computer Involvement Computer as incidental to the crime Computer used to simply maintain the efficacy of criminal transactions Money laundering Trading/storing child pornography Online solicitation Computer Involvement Computer Involvement Crimes associated with prevalence of computers Targets are mainly the computer industry itself Copyright infringement Piracy Component theft Computer Crime Computer Crime How much computer crime is there? Why is it hard to determine the absolute true level of computer crime? Talk it over with neighbor – get two good reasons together Consider: Why numbers change over time. Types of crime changing over time. Who is committing these crimes? Who is reporting them? Tracking Computer Crime Tracking Computer Crime FBI Crime Statistics Internet Crime Complaint Center National Report New Hampshire Internet Crime Report JUST 405 JUST 405 Introduction to Computers SNL Computer Skit Computer Functions Computer Functions What is a computer? A computer is an electronic device that executes the instructions in a program. A computer has four functions: accepts data processes data produces output stores results Terms Terms Hardware ­ the physical parts of the computer Software ­ the programs (instructio...
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