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Bico qur and bush 2003 ee 24 72 rolling drops chapter

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Unformatted text preview: aphs dynamics (esp. rotation) dominates the aerodynam­ of natural tektites. From Elkins-Tanton, Ausillous, ics ⇒ drop shape set by its rotation. Bico, Qu´r´ and Bush (2003). ee 24 7.2. Rolling drops Chapter 7. Spinning, tumbling and rolling drops Light drops: For the case of Σ < 0, ∆ρ < 0, a spinning drop is stabilized on axis by centrifugal pressures. For high |Σ|, it is well described by a cylinder with spherical caps. Drop energy: 12 IΩ 2 E= + Rotational K.E. 2π rLγ S ur f ace energ y ∆mr 2 2 Neglecting...
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