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Brown scriven 1980 computed drop shapes and stability

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Unformatted text preview: 2rhr −r )h/2 2 ( ))1 r (1+h2 3 r r Figure 7.1: The radial profile of a rotating drop. Brown + Scriven (1980) computed drop shapes and stability for B0 > 0: 1. for Σ < 0.09, only axisymmetric solutions, oblate ellipsoids 2. for 0.09 < Σ < 0.31, both axisymmetric and lobed solutions possible, stable 3. for Σ > 0.31 no stable solution, only lobed forms Tektites: centimetric metallic ejecta formed from spinning cooling silica droplets generated by mete­ orite impact. Q1: Why are they so much bigger than V...
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