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Optional is there a strong need for using a fiscal

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Refer to point A c. [optional] Is there a strong need for using a fiscal expansion to return output to Y*? Explain why or why not. A negative AS shock led to opening a recessionary output gap. With this output gap economic costs are unavoidable, such as higher unemployment, lower incomes, and many idle resources. In addition, the adjustment process conducted by a private sector after the recessionary gap would be very slow possibly due to downwardly sticky wages. Thus, those economic costs will be accumulated for years. Therefore, there would be a strong need of the fiscal stabilization policy that close and shorten would-be-lasting recessionary output gap. d. Assume that the Japan’s economy adjusts to a new long-run equilibrium after the disruptions of Japan’s power and water supplies. (assume that there is no government policy implemented) i. Explain the process by which the economy will adjust back toward Y* and why the shift of SRAS curve would be slow. After the negative AS shock that opened a recessionary output gap, there would be lower demand for labours and other factors. Then, nominal wages and other factor prices are forced to be lower. The reduction in input prices provides lower unit costs to most of industries in Japan. Therefore, SRAS gradually increases until Y returns to Y*. However, this process would be very sluggish due to the downwardly-sticky wage. ii. Refer to your answer in part(d)(i), draw the new SRAS curve and label the new long-run equilibrium output and price level as Y2 and PL2 in the diagram in part (a). Refer to point B 4 / 4...
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