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W11 Psychotherapy-4 [Compatibility Mode]

Familysystems therapy assumption problem of

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Unformatted text preview: houghts • Replace with a rational response • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) • Focus on training more adaptive thoughts, behaviors • Relatively short term • Best for depression, anxiety, panic disorders feelings, and 3 Does Psychotherapy Work? Family/Systems Therapy • Assumption • Problem of individual is symptom of dysfunctional interactions within a social system • Yes • Randomized clinical trials • Goal • Focus on treating the system • Control for time effect • Techniques • particularly effective for addictions & marital problems • Identify & change maladaptive cycles • E.g., codependency • E.g., demand-withdrawal patterns (Rabin et al., 1986) Does Psychotherapy Work? • Yes • Some therapies more effective than others • cognitive-behavioral therapy • Match therapy to the problem • cognitive-behavioral best for fear & anxiety • humanistic best for self-esteem • Some therapists better than others • warm, understanding, empathic • Client motivation 4...
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