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Unformatted text preview: s from early childhood • Goal • Bring unconscious wishes, repressed feeling to light • Gain insight, work through issues • Techniques • Free association, hypnosis, verbal mistakes, dream analysis, transference • Long term process Psychoanalysis Freud 1 A brief history of psychotherapy 1950’s 1900’s Humanistic Therapy • Assumption • Carl Rogers “client centered therapy” • Focus on personal growth & self-actualization • Goal • Focus on conscious feelings • Maximize “congruency,” reduce self-discrepancies • Techniques Humanistic Rogers Psychoanalysis Freud A brief history of psychotherapy 1900’s 1920’s Psychoanalysis Freud • Therapist listens without judgment • Provide unconditional positive regard & empathy • Focus on strengths and potentials Behaviorism 1950’s Behaviorism Watson Humanistic Rogers Behavior Therapy COMMON PHOBIAS • Assumption • Disordered behavior has been learned in the past • Based on learning theory...
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