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W11 Psychotherapy-4 [Compatibility Mode]

Interferes with normal routine or functioning 2

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Unformatted text preview: (classical & operant conditioning) Often used in treatment of anxiety disorders • Excessive fear to stimulus • Situated is avoided or endured with distress • Interferes with normal routine or functioning 2 Learning Theory Examples Learning Theory Examples • Classical Conditioning example of phobia development • Operant Conditioning & Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Reinforces Behavioral Response Unconditioned Stimulus Unconditioned Response Stimulus Disgust Behavior Conditioned Stimulus Discomfort Reduced Conditioned Response Behavior Therapy • Assumption A brief history of psychotherapy 1900’s 1920’s 1950’s 1960’s • Disordered behavior has been learned in the past • Based on learning theory (classical & operant conditioning) • Goal • Identify maladaptive response patterns • Train new behavioral associations • Techniques (particularly effective for phobias) • Systematic desensitization • Incremental training to relax when exposed to th...
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