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Unformatted text preview: ed elements in the circuit, the equations are written following the same procedure as with independent source, using the values of the controlled sources. Then, the values of the controlling variables are replaced in terms of the node voltages i1 R1 i1 R2 v1 v3 v2 R4 R5 Applying KCL at node 2 (sum of currents leaving node2 equals zero), current going from node2 to node3 is i1 . v2 v1 v2 i1 0 R2 R4 We have to next replace the current i1 (1) v1 v3 in above equation to get the equation in terms of R1 the node voltages as desired: v v v2 v1 v2 1 3 0 R2 R4 R1 37 (1) EE1002 Introduction to Circuits and Systems This way, we end up having the all the independent equations in terms of the node voltage variables. Case 3: Having an ideal voltage source connected between two nodes. As shown in the Figure 2, If a voltage source is connected between two nodes (node1 and node2), neither of which is the reference node. Again, as we cannot express the current through the voltage source in terms of the node voltages,...
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