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Unformatted text preview: lacing it with an open circuit between its two terminals. Superposition principle is not a precise analysis technique, but rather a conceptual aid to visualize the behavior of the linear circuits containing multiple sources. Sometimes, the analysis of a circuit is simplified by applying superposition principle i.e. by considering each independent source separately. Finally, the total response is obtained by adding the individual responses from all the independent sources together. When all the independent sources are killed at the same time (i.e. keeping the dependent sources only in the circuit) then, the response becomes zero. Thus, dependent sources do not contribute to a separate term to the total response. We must not kill dependent source while applying superposition principle. Linearity A resistance follows Ohm’s law as voltage is current times its resistance v Ri When the voltage is plotted against the current, we get a straight line. For the ideal resistor, voltage is said to be a linear function of current. 45 EE1002 Introduction to C...
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