Accurrentsshouldhavetimeaverageof zero

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Unformatted text preview: s are known, we assign reference direction for current in each branch. After solving the circuit, the current value may be negative or positive. If positive, then the actual current is in the same direction as the reference direction and if negative, then the actual current will be in the opposite direction of the reference direction. iab 5 A i2 5A As given in the figure, the current in the branch between A and B is same. However, iab and i2 are two current variables. The reference direction of the two variables are opposite of each other. As they represent the same current, their magnitude is same but the signs are different. Direct current (DC) and Alternating current (AC): Current which is constant with time is called DC. Current which reverses direction periodically is called AC. AC currents should have time average of zero. There can be current having both a DC component and an AC component. When the current is neither constant with time, nor periodically reversing (i.e. it neither satisfies the definition of DC nor AC), then it is said to be in transient. 11...
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