An independent voltage source is killed by replacing

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Unformatted text preview: eat it as an ideal source and write the equations as before. 2) Then use the constraint equations (which relates the dependent source to one of the other voltage and currents) to substitute the controlled source. 3) The number of unknowns stays unchanged even after the substitution of controlled source. Example: To find the output voltage vo . RB Vs rb ib Ro v o ib Identifying the mesh currents. RB Vs i1 rb ib i2 ib Ro Finding the branch currents and voltages in terms of the mesh currents. i1 i1 rbi1 Vs i1 i2 Roi2 RB i1 Applying KVL to mesh1 (ABCA), adding sum of voltage drops: VS RB i1 rbi1 0 This gives: i1 Vs RB rb 43 (1) EE1002 Introduction to Circuits and Systems It is important to note that we cannot apply KVL to mesh2 and obtain the second independent equation. This is because of current source in mesh2, where we cannot express the voltage across a current source, in terms of the mesh currents. However, we can find the mesh2 current in terms of the current of this current source. This is the other independent equation. From mesh2...
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