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Unformatted text preview: ircuits and Systems If a dependent source is described by ics Kix i.e. current in the controlled source is a constant times the control variable. Hence, it is said to linear controlled source (linear dependent source). On the other hand if an element has voltage current relationship as v Ki 2 , which is a nonlinear function, then the element is said to be a nonlinear element. Superposition principle holds only circuits having linear elements and linear controlled sources if any. Resistor, inductor, capacitor are linear elements. Semiconductor devices like diode, MOSFET are nonlinear elements. Example: Given the circuit, find the current in the 0.25 Ohm resistor, 0.5 i 0.25 0.75 There are two independent sources in the circuit: one 2A current source and one 3V voltage source. To apply Superposition method, we keep one source at a time by killing the other source. We find the current in each case and then add them up to find the total current. Step1: Keeping the current source only and killin...
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