Capacitance capacitors are constructed by separating

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Unformatted text preview: t is open circuited. Nonlinear elements What if a circuit has all linear elements except for one which has a i‐v characteristics that cannot be represented by a linear function or worse still cannot have an analytical function. Devices like diode or MOSFET are used in circuits along with voltage sources and resistors. How can we find the current and voltage for such devices? Fig. Diode characteristics To solve these cases, a two‐step method can be used. 1) Obtain the Thevenin equivalent of the circuit treating the nonlinear device as the load. 57 EE1002 Introduction to Circuits and Systems 2) Use graphical (load‐line) analysis. ix vx Fig. Linear circuit with one nonlinear element Graphical (Load‐line) analysis Consider the voltage across the nonlinear device to be vx and the current be ix . Then using KVL, vT ix RT vx ix v 1 vx T RT RT This is a straight line on (ix vs vx ) plane with a slope of v 1 and intercept of T . RT RT Vt Rt ix 1 Rt vx Fig. Load‐line characteristics This equation...
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