For the ideal resistor voltage is

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Unformatted text preview: (DEFD), it is clear that i2 ib i1 (2) Using these two equations, the two mesh currents can be solved. Finally, v0 Ro i2 Ro VS . RB rb 44 EE1002 Introduction to Circuits and Systems The principle of Superposition In a linear circuit containing N sources, each branch voltage and current is the sum of N voltages and currents, each of which may be computed by setting all but one source equal to zero and solving the circuit containing that single source. The superposition principle states that the total response is the sum of responses to each of the independent sources acting individually. rT r1 r2 .... rn where rT is the total response and rn is the response due to the nth source acting individually. Here, the voltage (or current ) in the branches of the linear circuit is called as ‘response’. The response (voltage or current) is found for the active source alone. To find the individual response, we ‘kill’ all the other independent sources. An independent voltage source is killed by replacing it with a short circuit and a current source is killed by rep...
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