It is not necessary to break the circuit for

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Unformatted text preview: the voltage output. Internal resistance will be quite small for most practical cases. is rs Vs vL VS RL RL rs RL Fig. Practical voltage source VL Vs iL rs The voltage at the output terminal can also be obtained by applying the voltage divider principle: VL Vs RL RL rs iL I S rs rs RL Is rS vL I S RL RL Fig. Practical current source 30 EE1002 Introduction to Circuits and Systems Similarly, the practical current source will have an internal resistor in parallel with an ideal current source. Hence, the current in the load will depend on the load resistance, as can be seen from the current divider principle. i L is rs rs RL For practical cases, the internal resistance for the current source will be very large. Measuring Devices Ohmmeter The Ohmmeter is used to measure the resistance of elements. The two probes of the Ohmmeter are connected across the two ends (terminals) of the element. The element should be removed from the circuit when resistance is measured (at least one end of the elemen...
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