Similarly a current source with a parallel resistance

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Unformatted text preview: o current through the branch CA and the voltage between CB will be same as the voltage between AB. Voltage between CB can be obtained from voltage divider principle as: 470 5 2.5V 470 470 So Thevenin voltage Vt voc 2.5V . vCB 50 EE1002 Introduction to Circuits and Systems Step2: To find the Thevenin resistance, we can do this in two ways: 1) By finding the short‐circuit current between AB. 2) By test source method 1) Short‐circuit current between AB 470 470 C A Is 5V 470 Isc B When, the two points AB are shorted, then, the voltage source sees a resistive network as a 470 Ohm resistor in series with the two 470 Ohm resistors in parallel. We can find the current I s 5 5 5 A 470 470 || 470 470 235 705 Using current divider rule, we can find the short circuit current I sc Thevenin resistance Rt Vt 2.5 705 . I sc 5 1410 We have the Thevenin equivalent for the circuit. 705 2.5V 51 Is 5 A . 2 1410 EE1002 Introduction to Circuits and Systems 2) Test source method to find the Thevenin resistance: a. Kill all the indepe...
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