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Unformatted text preview: ating vector at t=0. Phase relationships Consider two voltages as v1 (t ) 3cos(t 400 ) v2 (t ) 4 cos(t 200 ) The two phasors would be: 3400 4 200 We can draw the phasor diagram for these two. 3400 4 200 82 EE1002 Introduction to Circuits and Systems Leading / lagging The signal that reaches the peak (the phase angle to become 0 degrees as cosine is maximum at phase angle 0) earlier is said to be leading. Another way find the phase difference is to find the difference 1 2 . If it is positive and less than 180 degree, then v1 is leading v2. Else, v1 is lagging v2. Impedances It is also known as complex resistance, or frequency‐dependent resistance. With understanding of impedances for the circuit elements like resistance, inductance and capacitance, the sinusoidal steady‐state analysis will be same as analysis of purely resistive circuits under DC supply. Impedance of Inductance Considering an inductance in which a sinusoidal current is flowing as iL (t ) I m sin(t ) I m cos(t 900 ) We can the voltage across the induct...
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