There is a duality between inductor and capacitor

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Unformatted text preview: Hence, current in an inductor must be continuous. Energy stored in an inductor We use power as the product of voltage and current: p (t ) v(t )i (t ) and energy stored during a time t period as power integrated over time, i.e. e(t ) p(t )dt . t0 t e(t ) Li (t ) t0 di dt dt i (t ) Lidi 2 L i 1 2 2 i0 i0 If the initial current flowing in the inductance were zero, then the energy stored would be e(t ) 12 Li (t ) 2 This energy is stored in the inductor and is returned back when the current become zero again. Inductance in series and parallel When inductances are in series, the same current will be flowing through them (KCL) and the total voltage will be sum of voltages across individual inductances (KVL). i1 (t ) i2 (t ) i3 (t ) i (t ) v1 (t ) v2 (t ) v3 (t ) v(t ) di (t ) di (t ) di (t ) di (t ) L2 L3 Leq dt dt dt dt Leq L1 L2 L3 L1 When inductances are in parallel, the voltage across them will be equal and the total current flowing into the inductors will be sum of currents flowing into individual i...
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