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Unformatted text preview: ndent sources (Do not kill the dependent sources if any). b. Connect a known source between the two points. c. For voltage source, find the current drawn from the source; for current source find the voltage appearing across the current source. d. Find Thevenin resistance as the ratio of the voltage and current in part c. Norton Equivalent Norton equivalent circuit consists of a current source with a resistance in parallel. RL RL Looking at the Norton equivalent circuit, if we short the two terminals, then the current through the shorting path would be same as the Norton current I N . Thus, I N I SC . And if we leave the two terminals open and measure the voltage across them, then it would be I N R N . Thus, Voc I N R N R N Voc Voc RT IN I sc The parallel resistance in Norotn equivalent will be same as the Thevenin resistance. If Thevenin’s equivalent is already known, then Norton equivalent can be directly obtained by doing conversion from the voltage source to the current source. R N RT I N I sc VT RT For finding Norton equivalent directly, we need to first determ...
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