Travelling from positive terminal to the negative

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Unformatted text preview: where as loop1 is not a mesh. There are many other loops but only one more mesh is possible in this circuit. R1 va Loop1 R2 Loop3 vd - R4 V2 Loop2 vc - V1 vb - R3 Fig. Mesh and Loop 23 EE1002 Introduction to Circuits and Systems Kirchoff’s Current Law (KCL) Kirchoff’s current law states that the net current entering a node is zero (It is also equivalent to state that the net current leaving a node is equal to zero). Net current entering is found by adding the currents entering and by subtracting the currents leaving. If only two elements are connected to the node then their currents must be equal in magnitude. If KCL is violated, then there would be continuous accumulation of charge. Such an accumulation of charge would have its opposite charge accumulating at another point in the circuit. There would be a large force of attraction between these two opposite charges and disturb the circuit physically. Kirchoff’s Voltage Law (KVL) A loop in an electrical circuit is a closed path, starting at a node and proceeding through the circuit elements, eventually returning to the starting node. In a typical ci...
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