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Unformatted text preview: st‐order circuits excited by switched DC sources. 5) Write the differential equation of second‐order circuits in standard form, and determine the complete solution of second‐order excited by switched DC sources. The time‐varying voltages and currents resulting from the adding or removing voltage and current source to circuits containing energy storage elements, are called transients. Such circuits contain sources, switches, resistances, inductances and/or capacitances. Presence of inductance and capacitance brings integral and differential equations. Thus, study of transients requires us to solve differential equations. Circuits with resistors and a single energy storage element (either inductor or capacitor) are said to be first‐order circuit. In general, the response of a first‐order circuit to a switched DC source will appear in one of the two forms: decaying exponential waveform or rising exponential waveform. RC circuits We deal with circuits having DC sources, resistances and si...
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