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2 ask questions and respond in real time 3 be

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Unformatted text preview: rm industry trend watches, and to prospect and recruit new hires. To realize the full potential of the Twittersphere, consider the following guidelines: 1. Create a professional-looking profile and username and strive for a genuine, likeable tone. 2. Ask questions and respond in real time. 3. Be selective and professionally minded in what you tweet; focus on industry news and research, conferences and professional development opportunities and outcomes, or a professionally related article or question. 4. Retweet what you find interesting, reply publicly, and encourage retweets to acknowledge and show appreciation to followers. 5. Incorporate links, ideally shortened ones, and share photos to provide a fuller context for a business story or information burst. 6. Be strategic in the pace and timing of your tweets—do not send out so many at once that it overloads your followers’ feeds. PHOTO/VIDEO SHARING Content communities such as YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr allow for the sharing of rich media content—multimedi...
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