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4 use links and images but keep the design clean and

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Unformatted text preview: en designing a Facebook page or group: 1. Update your page frequently. 2. Stay on topic—let the focus be your business and what makes it interesting to your customers. 3. Keep your message brief and relevant to fans and the target audience. 4. Use links and images, but keep the design clean and limited to essentials, letting the brand stand out. 5. Ensure the correctness and appropriateness of content and the way it is expressed— and do the same for customer content. 6. Keep the tone spontaneous and informal. 7. Signpost your company’s expertise. 8. Make it interactive and engaging—encourage feedback and relationship-building through polls, user-generated content, promotions, surveys, and other forms of interaction. 9. Make some content exclusive to Facebook. 900630_15_appC.indd 900630_15_appC.indd 495 12-12-04 4:14 PM 496 COMMUNICATING FOR RESULTS TA B L E 2 Quick-Reference Descriptions of Selected Social Networking Sites Site Description Blogstser Blogging community featuring specific-interest blogs Delicious Social bookmarking service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks Facebook Social networking service for connecting and engaging with others via a profile page Flickr Online photo management and sharing application Fotki “Organic, fat-free” photo/video sharing site Foursquare Location-based mobile social network that helps users share and save places they visit LinkedIn Business and professional networking service MySpace General social...
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