Meyer_AppendixC_ Social Media

Analyze the elements of this campaign and prepare a

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Unformatted text preview: lege or university a summary of last week’s class a summary of a news story provided to you by your instructor or searched by you and your team members 2. Analyzing a Facebook or Twitter Campaign: In a small group, find an example of a Facebook or Twitter campaign for a consumer product or nonprofit fundraising organization. Analyze the elements of this campaign and prepare a brief, five-minute group presentation in which you review its major features and approach and identify a possible target audience. How is the main message, as delivered through social media, different from the message as communicated through the organization’s website or other media? 3. Creating a Personal Profile: Create a mock-up of your Facebook or LinkedIn profile, then revise and upgrade it to make it more professional and business-ready. 4. Creating a Corporate Blog Post: Create a blog post for a corporate website about a recent work-related achievement or professional-development milestone related to your skills or education. 5. Writing for Blogs: Find a news...
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