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Corporate blogs represent a shift in the way

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Unformatted text preview: s, customers, and shareholders up to date on important developments while at the same time reinforcing and building the company’s image and brand. Corporate blogs represent a shift in the way companies interact with customers and have been shown to build trust, liking, and involvement.8 There are three different kinds of corporate blogs: ● ● ● intranet blogs, event blogs. and product blogs.9 Intranet blogs can be used by a company’s employees on a daily basis to share opinions and expertise on products and to launch discussions of interest to other employees.10 Blogging can connect workers with each other, even across continents; reduce communication costs; and boost morale and employee retention. It has the added benefits of attracting a younger demographic to the company workforce and making it easier for organizations to identify and draw on the special skill-sets of its workers. Blogging can also be a tool for spotlighting work accomplishments and gaining career advancement, with functions such...
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