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Five years ago toronto dominion bank revamped its

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Unformatted text preview: as hashtags helping employees to draw management’s attention with words that best describe their achievements. Blogging in Canadian organizations is on the rise. Five years ago, Toronto-Dominion Bank revamped its internal website into a social media platform supporting blogs, chat forums, and surveys.The site also includes the option for employees to leave comments both on blog pages and at the end of news items.11 For event and product-related blogs, best practices include ● ● ● ● writing about topics that matter to customers, educating customers by offering trend and industry news rather than just news of product launches, writing from a personal perspective rather than a seller’s or brand-message perspective, and providing a view that complements but is different from press releases and other brand-based communications.12 While blogs tend to be mostly text-based, links can be added for image and video content. Additionally, CEOs often maintain blogs on their company websites, in part to improve transparency and reinforce positive perceptions of corporate social responsibility. 900630_15_appC.indd 900630_15_appC.indd 494 12-12-04 4:14 PM APPENDIX C I SOCIAL MEDIA AND NETWORKING 495 SOCIAL NETWOR...
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