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How does the message change across modalities how

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Unformatted text preview: story or press release and compose a blog post for a corporate website. 6. E-Fundraising with Facebook: Find a Facebook page for one of your favourite charities and compare its design and message to what is found on the correspond- 900630_15_appC.indd 499 12-12-04 4:14 PM 500 COMMUNICATING FOR RESULTS ing website for the organization. How does the message change across modalities? How would you describe the message and design of the information in each case? 7. Exploring the Twittersphere—Deciding Who to Follow: Log on to your Twitter account, perform a search, and find three hashtags (#) and/or users (@) connected to your program, discipline, or future career. Who/what would you consider following? Decide who can help you learn more and connect better. Here are a few steps and considerations that may help you choose: a) Browse interests and review Twitter suggestions about who to follow. b) Discover your friends on Twitter; if their professional interests are similar to your own, check who they are following. c) Check the profile to ensure the bio corresponds to your interests. d) See how many tweets and followers they have. e) Review some of their recent updates. f ) Check who they are following—this can lead you to others with interests similar to your own. 900630_15_appC.indd 900630_15_appC.indd 500 12-12-04 4:14 PM...
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