Meyer_AppendixC_ Social Media

Immediacy and spontaneity underlie the social media

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Unformatted text preview: es that integrate technology and social interaction and to the content and contributions to the online spaces that are created in this way. Immediacy and spontaneity underlie the social media experience. Social media allow individuals to see events and share in them as they happen. A breaking news story or headline can quickly spur responses on a social networking site such as Twitter, for example, far ahead of the response-rate that traditional news outlets allow for. The flow of information through social media can also be a strong predictor of trends and a means to listen to and measure public opinion. Social media has changed the way businesses collaborate; network; learn; communicate with customers, employees, and stakeholders; and share ideas. The democratizing effect of social media, in giving everyone a voice, has helped to alter and soften traditional business hierarchies. With social media applications numbering in the hundreds, it is best for businesses to be selective about the ones in which they choose to be active. Those decisions are often based on finding the best media for the message—the o...
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